First new training of 2017

Zoo, a Goldendoodle puppy does a lovely relaxed down during our training session.
Zoo, a Goldendoodle puppy does a lovely relaxed down during our training session.

Dearest beautiful sister,

Hi! Wearing my Celtic Cur training hat today. Just met with a new client, Katie and her 10 week old goldendoodle, Zoo (short for Missoula!).

Isn’t Zoo adorable? But, he has a couple problems:

He fights going into his crate and his poor people, who have 3 children at 6 years or younger(!) are to say the least BUSY! A consequence of their busy life has in the past has had them forcing him into the crate. So I showed Katie how to click and treat Zoo for any small piece of the behavior (including him just looking in the direction of the crate!)

And, dun dun dahhhhh….. with biting, as in horribly sharp puppy teeth sinking into clothing, fav blankies and flesh!!! I demoed calling Zoo to me as he was heading to grab a bite and clicked and treated him for doing so. As I never got to see his full on biting behavior I also told them how to begin teaching him to let go on cue.

We worked for a little over an hour with good progress. Katie did well and Zoo seemed to be really getting it.

See you later! XO Robin

A wind blown gem

Dear sissy,

Wow! What a wild windy rainy storm we had here in Northern California last night! So much weather to talk about lately!! 😉

The chicklett girls were quite indignantly ruffled up about it too! All were muttering softly and dealing with it but Saphira!

Oh My!  She was richly disturbed. She flew up to the shelf the cages are on and proceeded to look directly into my eyes and told me about how LOUD and WET and PELTING and WHISTLING it was.


“Ick” she grumped, “I’m going to cuddle right here in your lap and get warm!! Oh, my poor damp feathers! I’m a sight!”

And so she proceeded………..

Saphira cuddle

Tootleo-ooo, hope your day is better than Saphira’s!!! Love, Robin

Walking in a winter wonderland!

Dearest lovely sister,

I thought yesterdays weather was bad but…

SNOW!!! UGH, woke up to snow this morning!! Was hoping it wouldn’t happen but it did. Look at the poor garden area! Guess Mother Nature would rather follow her own desires instead of mine! Oh, well!


But the Girls did not like it one bit! They didn’t want to come out of their house!!

Snow day

Even though the sun screen cover on the outdoor run kept the snow out I had to convince them that staying on the dark roost wasn’t the best idea, and how do you think that I got them out? Why food of course!! Here they are swarming me for a chance at some dried mealworms!!


Mucho love to you! Robin


Hi sweetest sister!

I took this picture of the frozen water from the water bowl I keep in the garden for the girls when they get to be in there just to show you just how COLD is up here! Bet you are glad you aren’t here right now! Shiver!


Interestingly the girls don’t seem to care. But of course, food is always on their minds! Ha!

cold chix

Sending YOU lots of love, Robin

Christmas with family

Dear wonderful sister,

Hope your Christmas was fantastic!

The kids and Heather’s boyfriend came over a couple days after Christmas, due to work schedules, for dinner and our ‘After Dinner’ entertainment revolved around ‘da boids’.

Patrick, Heather and Damieon  had fun picking up the girls to socialize them.

Man, O’Man did the girls get into the spirit of it! As you can see in this first picture, Saphira one of the Barred Rocks, made herself quite comfortable in Heathers arms. I think the look on Heathers face says just how much she enjoyed that!!

Saphira gets comfortable!
Saphira gets comfortable!

And as I was sitting down to watch the fun one of the un-named black link girls jumped up onto my shoulder! Boy was THAT a surprise! Check out this pic for that!

Un-named black sex link is a shoulder chix!!
Shoulder Chix!!

Their visit was so very helpful in getting the chickens ready for “CLICK A CLUCK” clicker training classes I will be holding early next year.

The birds will be transported to a class room venue where they are amazingly instrumental in helping teach people how to effectively use clickers for humane training of their critters, be it dog, cat, donkey or other critter; including humans!!

HoHoHo Christmas Joy and much love, Robin

Training day

Dear most gorgeous sister,

Ho and Ha Ha!

Lisa came over to work with my 12 new baby (toddler? adolescent?) chickens. We are getting ready for, ahem:

Tah Ta Ta TAHHH! CLICK A CLUCK training workshops!!

Take a look at this pic of Lisa and the “GIRLS”.

Some lap time after training
Some lap time after training

We had a marvelous time! XO Robin

FYI: Treatment and Prevention of Kidney and Bladder Stones

Today’s ‘For Your Information’ topic is: Treatment and Prevention of Kidney and Bladder Stones by The Whole Dog Journal

The Whole Dog Journal, in my opinion, is Simply The Best dog magazine there is! The Whole Dog Journal does not have advertisers’, thereby they have complete freedom to pass on all of the good, bad and ugly information that they find in its entirety. Not having advertisers means that no company can shove their agenda down the collective throats of The Whole Dog Journal staff.

Their focus is on helping you find the best information and products so YOUR DOG can live the best life possible!

While I hope you and your dog never deal with this awful condition, it comforts me to know you have access to excellent information.

I have complete confidence in The Whole Dog Journal, both authors and the information they pass on. I have books by CJ Puotinen and I have visited and referred many people to Mary Straus’ web site.

CJ Puotinen is the author of The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care and other holistic health books. She lives in Montana, and is a frequent contributor to Whole Dog Journal.

San Francisco Bay Area resident Mary Straus is also a frequent contributor to Whole Dog Journal and has spent more than a decade investigating and writing about canine health and nutrition topics for her website,

To read the article please click on the picture below.

Whold Dog Journal header

If you would like to receive a weekly email with Whole Dog Journal’s tips please click on the picture below.

Whole Dog Journal weekly tip signup

Or better yet click on the picture below and subscribe TODAY to The Whole Dog Journal!!

Whole Dog Journal subscription

I hope that you have found that information in this article helpful, if you have please consider showing your appreciation by opening your checkbook and purchasing a subscription to The Whole Dog Journal, one of CJ Puotinen’s books and/or donating to Mary Straus’ web site.

While I was published and paid for an article in The Whole Dog Journal, March 2001 (and hope to be again!), I will receive no financial compensation from any of these recommended resources.

Robin (AKA the Celtic Cur)

P.S. If you’d like to know more about the Why’s of Clicker Training check out (and maybe purchase) my DVD filmed at a workshop I gave in 2010 here.

The end for shock collars?

On Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Companion Animal Psychology wrote the following article;

I invite you to read it and tell me your opinion of it and shock collars in general in the comments box below.

(you can click on the picture below or HERE to go to the article.

Shock collars

Quote from Schilder and Van Der Borg (2004:319)

“The conclusions, therefore are, that being trained is stressful, that receiving shock is a painful experience to dogs, and that the s[shock]-dogs have learned that the presence of their owner (or his commands) announces reception of shocks, even outside of the normal training context”

Dear reader, I do not use shock collars in training nor do I advocate their use. I believe that Positive Reinforcement is the only way to go for both general good manners/obedience and for serious behavior problems including aggression.

I hope to have a conversation with you or answer questions you have about how training or behavior change is accomplished using Positive Reinforcement.

Robin (AKA the Celtic Cur)

P.S. If you’d like to know more about the Why’s of Clicker Training check out (and maybe purchase) my DVD filmed at a workshop I gave in 2010 here.

NBC News: Dogs Make A Splash At Chicago Aquarium

What would you expect to see at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago?

Fish and Sea Lions at least, and yes, they are there.

But DOGS?!

What is up with that?

Kevin Tibbles reports:

Shedd Aquarium is world renowned for its 650 different species and crowd wowing aquatic show.

Now it’s bow-wowing the crowds.

The Shedd is going to the dogs.

Chief animal trainer Ken Ramirez is convinced the arrival of three shelter dogs adds to the learning experience.

Check out by clicking the picture below or HERE.

Aquarium Dogs

Aquarium Dogs 2

And these shelter dogs are CLICKER TRAINED!!

Clicker training is simply the best way there is and it IS for ALL animals!

There have been so many species trained this way that it is mind blowing!

How about cats, rats, birds, fish, whales and dolphins?

Not enough? OK.

How about octopi?

Um, how about COCKROACHES?!

So if you aren’t on the bandwagon of clicker training yet, jump aboard!! You will be VERY glad you did!!

Robin (AKA the Celtic Cur)

P.S. If you’d like to know more about the Why’s of Clicker Training check out (and maybe purchase) my DVD filmed at a workshop I gave in 2010 here.

FYI: Kennel Cough; Do You Need To Vaccinate Your Dog Against It For Prevention?

Summer is here and vacations are on the rise!

Do you plan to board your companion dog while you are gone? Or, like me, do you take them with you? Either way, your dog may be exposed to Kennel Cough.

Which raises the question; to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Personally, I don’t vaccinate my dogs for Kennel Cough (AKA Bordetella).

This article explains why:

Kennel Cough: Natural Prevention of the Canine Cold

Kennel cough

Hope you had FUN on your glorious vacation!!!!

Now that it is over, be sure to get back to training your dog! If you need a few tips or help, as always I am here!

Robin (AKA the Celtic Cur)

P.S. If you’d like to know more about the Why’s of Clicker Training check out (and maybe purchase) my DVD filmed at a workshop I gave in 2010 here.