FYI: Kennel Cough; Do You Need To Vaccinate Your Dog Against It For Prevention?

Summer is here and vacations are on the rise!

Do you plan to board your companion dog while you are gone? Or, like me, do you take them with you? Either way, your dog may be exposed to Kennel Cough.

Which raises the question; to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Personally, I don’t vaccinate my dogs for Kennel Cough (AKA Bordetella).

This article explains why:

Kennel Cough: Natural Prevention of the Canine Cold

Kennel cough

Hope you had FUN on your glorious vacation!!!!

Now that it is over, be sure to get back to training your dog! If you need a few tips or help, as always I am here!

Robin (AKA the Celtic Cur)

P.S. If you’d like to know more about the Why’s of Clicker Training check out (and maybe purchase) my DVD filmed at a workshop I gave in 2010 here.


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