The end for shock collars?

On Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Companion Animal Psychology wrote the following article;

I invite you to read it and tell me your opinion of it and shock collars in general in the comments box below.

(you can click on the picture below or HERE to go to the article.

Shock collars

Quote from Schilder and Van Der Borg (2004:319)

“The conclusions, therefore are, that being trained is stressful, that receiving shock is a painful experience to dogs, and that the s[shock]-dogs have learned that the presence of their owner (or his commands) announces reception of shocks, even outside of the normal training context”

Dear reader, I do not use shock collars in training nor do I advocate their use. I believe that Positive Reinforcement is the only way to go for both general good manners/obedience and for serious behavior problems including aggression.

I hope to have a conversation with you or answer questions you have about how training or behavior change is accomplished using Positive Reinforcement.

Robin (AKA the Celtic Cur)

P.S. If you’d like to know more about the Why’s of Clicker Training check out (and maybe purchase) my DVD filmed at a workshop I gave in 2010 here.


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