Christmas with family

Dear wonderful sister,

Hope your Christmas was fantastic!

The kids and Heather’s boyfriend came over a couple days after Christmas, due to work schedules, for dinner and our ‘After Dinner’ entertainment revolved around ‘da boids’.

Patrick, Heather and Damieon  had fun picking up the girls to socialize them.

Man, O’Man did the girls get into the spirit of it! As you can see in this first picture, Saphira one of the Barred Rocks, made herself quite comfortable in Heathers arms. I think the look on Heathers face says just how much she enjoyed that!!

Saphira gets comfortable!
Saphira gets comfortable!

And as I was sitting down to watch the fun one of the un-named black link girls jumped up onto my shoulder! Boy was THAT a surprise! Check out this pic for that!

Un-named black sex link is a shoulder chix!!
Shoulder Chix!!

Their visit was so very helpful in getting the chickens ready for “CLICK A CLUCK” clicker training classes I will be holding early next year.

The birds will be transported to a class room venue where they are amazingly instrumental in helping teach people how to effectively use clickers for humane training of their critters, be it dog, cat, donkey or other critter; including humans!!

HoHoHo Christmas Joy and much love, Robin

Training day

Dear most gorgeous sister,

Ho and Ha Ha!

Lisa came over to work with my 12 new baby (toddler? adolescent?) chickens. We are getting ready for, ahem:

Tah Ta Ta TAHHH! CLICK A CLUCK training workshops!!

Take a look at this pic of Lisa and the “GIRLS”.

Some lap time after training
Some lap time after training

We had a marvelous time! XO Robin