First new training of 2017

Zoo, a Goldendoodle puppy does a lovely relaxed down during our training session.
Zoo, a Goldendoodle puppy does a lovely relaxed down during our training session.

Dearest beautiful sister,

Hi! Wearing my Celtic Cur training hat today. Just met with a new client, Katie and her 10 week old goldendoodle, Zoo (short for Missoula!).

Isn’t Zoo adorable? But, he has a couple problems:

He fights going into his crate and his poor people, who have 3 children at 6 years or younger(!) are to say the least BUSY! A consequence of their busy life has in the past has had them forcing him into the crate. So I showed Katie how to click and treat Zoo for any small piece of the behavior (including him just looking in the direction of the crate!)

And, dun dun dahhhhh….. with biting, as in horribly sharp puppy teeth sinking into clothing, fav blankies and flesh!!! I demoed calling Zoo to me as he was heading to grab a bite and clicked and treated him for doing so. As I never got to see his full on biting behavior I also told them how to begin teaching him to let go on cue.

We worked for a little over an hour with good progress. Katie did well and Zoo seemed to be really getting it.

See you later! XO Robin

A wind blown gem

Dear sissy,

Wow! What a wild windy rainy storm we had here in Northern California last night! So much weather to talk about lately!! 😉

The chicklett girls were quite indignantly ruffled up about it too! All were muttering softly and dealing with it but Saphira!

Oh My!  She was richly disturbed. She flew up to the shelf the cages are on and proceeded to look directly into my eyes and told me about how LOUD and WET and PELTING and WHISTLING it was.


“Ick” she grumped, “I’m going to cuddle right here in your lap and get warm!! Oh, my poor damp feathers! I’m a sight!”

And so she proceeded………..

Saphira cuddle

Tootleo-ooo, hope your day is better than Saphira’s!!! Love, Robin

Walking in a winter wonderland!

Dearest lovely sister,

I thought yesterdays weather was bad but…

SNOW!!! UGH, woke up to snow this morning!! Was hoping it wouldn’t happen but it did. Look at the poor garden area! Guess Mother Nature would rather follow her own desires instead of mine! Oh, well!


But the Girls did not like it one bit! They didn’t want to come out of their house!!

Snow day

Even though the sun screen cover on the outdoor run kept the snow out I had to convince them that staying on the dark roost wasn’t the best idea, and how do you think that I got them out? Why food of course!! Here they are swarming me for a chance at some dried mealworms!!


Mucho love to you! Robin


Hi sweetest sister!

I took this picture of the frozen water from the water bowl I keep in the garden for the girls when they get to be in there just to show you just how COLD is up here! Bet you are glad you aren’t here right now! Shiver!


Interestingly the girls don’t seem to care. But of course, food is always on their minds! Ha!

cold chix

Sending YOU lots of love, Robin