A wind blown gem

Dear sissy,

Wow! What a wild windy rainy storm we had here in Northern California last night! So much weather to talk about lately!! 😉

The chicklett girls were quite indignantly ruffled up about it too! All were muttering softly and dealing with it but Saphira!

Oh My!  She was richly disturbed. She flew up to the shelf the cages are on and proceeded to look directly into my eyes and told me about how LOUD and WET and PELTING and WHISTLING it was.


“Ick” she grumped, “I’m going to cuddle right here in your lap and get warm!! Oh, my poor damp feathers! I’m a sight!”

And so she proceeded………..

Saphira cuddle

Tootleo-ooo, hope your day is better than Saphira’s!!! Love, Robin