NBC News: Dogs Make A Splash At Chicago Aquarium

What would you expect to see at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago?

Fish and Sea Lions at least, and yes, they are there.

But DOGS?!

What is up with that?

Kevin Tibbles reports:

Shedd Aquarium is world renowned for its 650 different species and crowd wowing aquatic show.

Now it’s bow-wowing the crowds.

The Shedd is going to the dogs.

Chief animal trainer Ken Ramirez is convinced the arrival of three shelter dogs adds to the learning experience.

Check out by clicking the picture below or HERE.

Aquarium Dogs

Aquarium Dogs 2

And these shelter dogs are CLICKER TRAINED!!

Clicker training is simply the best way there is and it IS for ALL animals!

There have been so many species trained this way that it is mind blowing!

How about cats, rats, birds, fish, whales and dolphins?

Not enough? OK.

How about octopi?

Um, how about COCKROACHES?!

So if you aren’t on the bandwagon of clicker training yet, jump aboard!! You will be VERY glad you did!!

Robin (AKA the Celtic Cur)


P.S. If you’d like to know more about the Why’s of Clicker Training check out (and maybe purchase) my DVD filmed at a workshop I gave in 2010 here.