FYI: Treatment and Prevention of Kidney and Bladder Stones

Today’s ‘For Your Information’ topic is: Treatment and Prevention of Kidney and Bladder Stones by The Whole Dog Journal

The Whole Dog Journal, in my opinion, is Simply The Best dog magazine there is! The Whole Dog Journal does not have advertisers’, thereby they have complete freedom to pass on all of the good, bad and ugly information that they find in its entirety. Not having advertisers means that no company can shove their agenda down the collective throats of The Whole Dog Journal staff.

Their focus is on helping you find the best information and products so YOUR DOG can live the best life possible!

While I hope you and your dog never deal with this awful condition, it comforts me to know you have access to excellent information.

I have complete confidence in The Whole Dog Journal, both authors and the information they pass on. I have books by CJ Puotinen and I have visited and referred many people to Mary Straus’ web site.

CJ Puotinen is the author of The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care and other holistic health books. She lives in Montana, and is a frequent contributor to Whole Dog Journal.

San Francisco Bay Area resident Mary Straus is also a frequent contributor to Whole Dog Journal and has spent more than a decade investigating and writing about canine health and nutrition topics for her website,

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I hope that you have found that information in this article helpful, if you have please consider showing your appreciation by opening your checkbook and purchasing a subscription to The Whole Dog Journal, one of CJ Puotinen’s books and/or donating to Mary Straus’ web site.

While I was published and paid for an article in The Whole Dog Journal, March 2001 (and hope to be again!), I will receive no financial compensation from any of these recommended resources.

Robin (AKA the Celtic Cur)

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